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Consulting & Mentorship


Elevate your skills and brand as an independent artist.

  • Individual online coaching scheduled at your convenience.

  • Group courses on artist branding, self-promotion, artist management, and DIY booking.

  • Public Speaker for conferences, podcasts, and video panels

  • Coming Soon:  On Demand video courses and worksheets


Jenny Langer

About Me

Entertainment Specialist

Jenny Langer, photo by Anna Haas Creative


Let's admit it- Being an independent artist is hard.  Booking, networking, marketing, accounting, branding, merchandising, tour management, project management, PR- It can all fall on the DIY artist's shoulders.  That's, of course, in addition to creating the actual art itself.

My approach is simple.  Pricing is transparent.  Individual online coaching and mentorship focuses on your specific career goals, not general "one size fits all" industry courses and blogs.

I'm based in Washington, DC, grew up in the Bay Area, and am often mistaken as a native of New Orleans. 

After majoring in Music Business at Berklee College of Music, I was a member of the Promoter Relations Team at Sonicbids (the original standard EPK)- Giving me the unique opportunity to see and hear first hand what the most prominent festivals and best known venues are looking for when selecting acts to book.

Fast forward a few years, and I found myself as a booking agent and producer for one of the the largest entertainment agencies in the US (ECE).  My clients range from intimate concert series to casinos, corporate buyers, colleges, million dollar soirees and everything in between.  


All this while simultaneously touring internationally and performing 150+ shows/year with my own award-winning bands.  


After seeing many talented artists struggle with industry best practices, I became a college educator and artist mentor assisting musicians, producers, visual artists, and more build their own profitable brands.  

So...what challenges are you having as an artist?  Let's talk through them.  View the services currently available.


When I'm not on stage or on my laptop booking gigs, you can find me discovering soulful cities, diving into the dusty bins of vinyl for vintage NOLA funk and blues albums, and watching hockey.


I share my home with two cats who believe they're in charge and a very fun airline pilot I'm proud to call my husband. 

Single Individual Session

Deep Dive Sessions

Group Classes

Individual online coaching and mentorship focused on your specific career goals, not just general "one size fits all" industry 

courses and blogs.  

  • Scheduled when it's convenient for you.

  • 1 x 60 min consultation. Includes 60 min review of your goals and/or promo materials prior to our session

  • Pricing: $450 USD (easily recouped after one gig booked)

Multiple sessions to address multiple challenges and career goals more in depthly.  

  • Scheduled when it's convenient for you.

  • 60 min consultations.  Includes 60 min review of your goals and/or promo materials prior to our session

  • Pricing: $450 USD (easily recouped after one gig booked) for 1st session.  $300 each additional 60 min session.

Virtual or In-Person group classes and educational presentations available.  Suitable for Government sponsored educational series, recording studios, colleges, community programs, conferences, and more. 

  • Most popular topics are Artist Management (music) and Self-Promotion (any arts mediums).

  • 75 min-4 hours

  • Pricing: Contact Me


Speaking Sessions

Podcasts, ClubHouse Moderation, Conferences, YouTube Panels, Conventions- Pricing available upon request​.



Retro 80th Birthday Events T-Shirt.png

"I’ve been meaning to text you to thank you for the REALLY COOL conversation we had!! I immediately started filming differently - keeping in mind the “first 30 second rule” - and BOOM!! I got it - it came so freaking fast, and a couple of bands said they were the best videos they’ve seen of themselves! 


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ve upped my style because of you my dear!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ " - Sandi

"Thank you thank you thank you.  I can't thank you enough for your time and wisdom. Everything we discussed was so very helpful!" - Jimmy

"I'm really proud of this CD and really appreciate all the guidance and support you've given me as a fellow artist. I know it would not be what it is without your input and advice." - Gayle

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